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Pacheco Designs has been family operated for over 25 years. Their custom buntal bags are hand woven from the buri plant and produced in Quezon and Batangas provinces of the Philippines. The development of this fiber harms no plants which regenerates its palms for long term harvesting.

The Pacheco’s and their workers are perfectionists throughout the long process and development of each custom bag. From the fields, to harvest and the magic of each weaver, every part of the process is done with painstaking care and precision.

These custom bags create a variety of jobs and income to many communities and families. We understand the world need for conservation and eco friendly products. The classic art of weaving and hand made products are rare in the world we live in now. The Pacheco Family believes not only in tradition and integrity but also in keeping one of the world’s oldest arts alive with classic hand woven buntal bags. 

Our beautiful hand woven bags have a certain artisan touch like no other designer bag. For years the Pacheco Family has been distributing their bags, totes and accessories wholesale to 2nd and 3rd parties throughout the world. After years of dreaming and learning they have decided to allow me, Danny Higginbotham, to bring their artisan hand woven bags to you, straight from the Pacheco family. 

Because I work directly with the family, you will only receive the best artistry and custom designer lines available at affordable cost. You can be comforted to know the family and the history of your designer bag. I spend one to two months a year, sometimes more, visiting and working directly with all persons involved in the making of the bags. They are my family and I am honored to bring such high quality craftsmanship home to America to share with you, my customers.

The history, cultivation and conservation of materials incorporated into the Pacheco designs are as important as the craftsmanship it takes to design every key component. From the coppers to the bead work every component is hand crafted from experienced artists and designers.

We have developed a photo gallery highlighting the fascinating process from harvest to manufacture of your personal hand woven buntal bag. We share this with you so that you can have a personal understanding and pride of ownership from these high quality hand crafted designer bags.